Female Pop Singers Pin-up Poster Series by Brazilian Illustrator Renato Cunha

Pinups Posters by Renato Artes 2 1
Pinups Posters by Renato Artes 2 1


The “Pinups Posters” series by Renato Cunha was inspired by the pin-ups of Alberto Vargas and the colors and pop art style of Roy Lichtenstein.

I always appreciated this kind of vintage poster, from the ’60s, and pop art colors. I decided to mix these two references. For this serie I chose female pop singers (and actresses too) because I consider them the “pin-ups of our generation”, with their power over men and women. Men desire them and women want to be like them.

Renato Cunha is a Brazilian illustrator and designer in MKT Virtual.

I started as most designers start: drawing superhero comics in childhood. With time I saw this gift, and pleasure, could give me my daily bread. I majored in Advertising from Unisanta and worked for 6 years at Impact + Total Communication as Art Director. Today I work as a designer in Mkt Virtual. Although I almost always use the computer in my creations, I’ve never left the good old pencil and paper. My influences range from Pop Art to Surrealism, through comic books and even tattoos.

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