Deal: 500+ Professional Text Effects from John Forsythe


The name in Photoshop text effects is John Forsythe; this guy seems to eat, sleep, and breath Photoshop actions, and this amazing deal from brings you over 5,000 of them.

Simple to use—apply to text with just a single click, and not just text, but any shape or layer too!.The 5,293 effects included in the deal are drawn from 24 different sets and feature dozens of different styles including: Neon Lights, Incredible Metal, Comic Book, Military, Clear Glass, Fantasy/Adventure, Classic Wood, Genuine Leather, Smooth Marble, Solid Stone and so much more!

You’ll even get 100+ PSD templates to teach you new techniques with these effects. As an added bonus, there’s even 121 seamless textures and patterns.

The regular price for this awesome deal is $99, but for a brief time you can download it all for just $29, that’s a 71% saving!

Head over the MightyDeals to grab this deal today.

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