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A Versatile 21:9 Panoramic Monitor for Designers

LG UM95 1 1
LG UM95 1 1


Welcome to the first in a series of reviews we have lined up for you. We will be checking out a range of tech products specifically designed to make our lives as designers easier. What better product to start with than the one we all need and use: the monitor.

An ultraWide display engineered for graphic designers, photographers, video editors and, of course, web designers.

The monitors available in the LG 21:9 UltraWide series, don’t just stand out for their practical 21:9 screen ratio, but also for the rich color depth and advanced picture quality which makes them such an essential tool for any web or graphic designer. What if you’re not a designer? Video and sound editing, 3D animation, even front-end work can be enhanced using these screens thanks to the huge panoramic workspace available.

More Efficient Panoramic Workspace

Among the many characteristics aimed at solving the issues designers run into on a daily basis, what takes this screen from average to awesome is the 21:9 ration and the 3440 x 1440 resolution.

Oftentimes, designers don’t have much choice than to work in a multi-monitor environment, but this screen not only declutters our workspace but makes it a lot more comfortable. Mildly irritating to sometimes infuriating is how we regularly describe working with two monitors; dragging objects from Photoshop to Illustrator, changing window sizes, scrolling… This panoramic screen can be turned 90º creating an ideal workspace for editorial design, or even web design given the large proportion of projects with long scroll pages – say goodbye to working with a fragmented vision of your work.

LG UltraWide

Rich Color Depth and Advanced Picture Quality

Working with color can also be a handicap when working simultaneously with two monitors. We will always experience color fidelity issues, even when using two exact, same screens. For more detailed specs, take a look at the official site.

LG UltraWide

Let us know if you’ve tried the ultraWide, and put your suggestions for more product reviews in the comments below.


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