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50+ Free Tools for Web Design

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6 web design trends awwwards image18


Today we bring you an amazing selection of high-quality and completely free tools for web design, from which and breathes the summer. We hope to inspire you to new projects.

Animated Weather Displaying Icons
This set includes 6 different icons of weather , wich made by CSS , theyr main feature is funny animation.

Free Vector Icon Set
Set of vector icons in isometric perspective with the images of devices and other elements.

Pack of Vector Icons for Android
Huge collection of icons, separated to categories for easier acces. Due to vector format they are easy to edit. They all are created in accordance with official instructions of making icons from Android.

Template Brochures for Photoshop
Easy editable triple-sided brochur in PSD format. Simple font and beautifully visualized component are ideally master theyr primary goal: sell your goods or services.

HD iMAC Web Model
Done with great style and taste , adjusts for productive work.

Free PSD and AI template for CV
Original design for creating CV , wich will match for designers, who wish to show his skills. Template created with photoshop and illustrator.

Funny Elements in PSD Format
fancy-editable-pdf-items-for-scene-generationHuge collection of more then 440 elements, inspired by industrial designers work. All elements are in PDF format and are easy editable.

Set for Brending in PSD Format

A full pack of custom interface for brending, wich includes templates of business card , letterhead , logotype and screen mockup for iphone.

300 Cute Icons and Avatars

300 universal icons and avatars, collected in one pack. This set is done in kawaii style and easy to edit.

Verve: Custom Interface for Smartphones 

A set of user interfaces from 15 PSD screens for mobile applications. It have a dark design, and it is ideal for working with photos.
Set of Custom Interfaces Lucid

Minimalistic and light user interface in PSD format, called Lucid. It is distinguished by its harmonious color and interesting realistic elements.

Creative Pack of Custom Interfaces


Bright and creative user interface for creating a web site. The set consists of a menu bar, video player, calendar widgets for weather and much more.

Edit ustom Interface for Creating Beautifull Design

This user interface is easy for Photoshop to edit and resize. It can effortlessly fit like a personal and for commercial purposes.

Simple Figures for Sketch

Basic and easy-set consists of simple shapes for Sketch. Design executed Yusuf Besim.

53 Different Vector Templates of Brochures

Set of 53 templates trilateral brochure. Ideal for advertising your products or services.

Parker:Grunge Style Font

Parker – Vintage font in grunge style. Excellent choice for the design of posters, stationery and T-shirts. Very succinctly look at the icons and logos.

Dropper:Bright 3D Font

Dpopper – it is a complete and very high quality print. His hype is perfect for web design, and for printing.

Zujal:Cartoon Vector Font

Created by designer Igor Petrovich simple, playful, but at the same time elegant font for all occasions.

Hallo Sans: Elegant Font

Hallo Sans, as we said his name – is a sans serif font, which looks very elegant, clear and perfectly suitable design of many websites.


Free Landing Page Design

Это PSD шаблон с тщательно организованными слоями и группами. Шаблон отлично подойдёт для образовательных целей, особенно в сфере технологий и программирования.

Tripway:Travel PSD Template

This PSD template is perfect for travelers looking for new ways to share your impressions.

Email Client Template

Simple template for Photoshop with all the necessary tools to create e-mail program. It’s simple, minimalist, with an unusually harmonious colors.

Single Page Website PSD Template

Free PSD template that focuses on the creation of a variety of mobile applications.

Cover:Simple and Minimalistic Theme for WordPress

This theme for WordPress is perfect for bloggers who are ready to share their thoughts with the world.

Urban Bold:Fresh Theme for WordPress

Excellent theme for WordPress sites with simple layers. The main focus of this topic – the content.

BillyDroid:Android WordPress Theme

BillyDroid – this is a very nice theme, ideal for use with Android and benefits of the technology. It can be easily customized to your preferences.


Huge Collection of WordPress Startup Themes

A collection of stylish and multifaceted themes for WordPress, which can help lead your business to success.

RetroSpect:HTML5 Template

Beautiful pattern consisting of a single page. Excellent choice for advertising your product or service start-ups and small businesses.

Majestic:Universal Template for Interior Designers

Majestic – is an HTML template that is perfect for architects and interior designers. It also easily be used to frilansinga.

CSS Pages Scroll Effects

Set CSS effects for a smooth transition between pages. This set offers several kinds of transition.

Snippet Button Hover

This snippet, created entirely using CSS, displays a button that allows you to select the desired command.

Off Canvas Menu with Animated Links

Snippet, which helps to create a hidden menu with animated links. Its very easy to edit, thanks to the presence of CSS and JavaScript code.

Auto-Split Input Fields

Excellent snipped separating the input columns to add more information. Made in JavaScript and CSS.

CSS Search Field Animation

Simple, but very effective way to save space on the page – the CSS code to turn off the search magnifying glass icon in the column.

DebugCSS:HTML Debugging Tool

Debugging tools, made in CSS, check your HTML for the presence of poorly defined and no working codes.

A11Y:Web Accessibility Audits

The tool that allows you to see how easy to use your website to various platforms.

MEAT!:Powerfull Git Hosting with continuous Delivery Tools

Meat -! Is a collaboration platform that can be downloaded to your server. It provides you with all the tools you need to work on projects in small groups.

Codeface:Set of Fonts for Web Development

Codeface – a set of very professional fonts for web developers

Bootcards:Custom Interface

The user interface for creating cards with double panel, available for use with mobile phones and other devices.

CSS3, HTML5 , Microdata, MetaTags, Open Graph, Twitter Cards Codes Generating Tool

This online tool will help you create a code for CSS3, HTML5, microdata, open graph, and Twitter, which you will easily be able to use to design your website.

Scally:Responsive and Comfortable Sass warp

CSS based upon Sass, BEM, and OOCSS. Because of its accessibility it is ideal for quickly creating a responsive user interface

SCUT:SASS Utilities for The Frontend Laborer

Collection Sass utility that will make life easier and simplify the use of many common codes.

Let’s Chat:Chat for Small Teams

The program for fast correspondences made using Node.js and MongoDB. Mainly oriented to work on projects in small groups.

Bazel:Fast and Reliable Code Constructor

Bazel – a tool for creating a website that makes the design process faster and more reliable.

Dynamics.js:JavaScript Physics – Based Animations Library

Complete and easy to use JavaScript to create a collection of animations using mathematical functions and laws of physics.


Similar to Vanilla HTML library created in JavaScript. It allows you to create custom tags for easy work on the code. It works best with a set of tools OOCSS.

Vibrants.js:Extract Prominent Colors From an Image

This library is made in JavaScript, it is perfect for the determination of the primary colors in the images.

HAMMER.JS:The Generator of Sensory Gestures Javascript for DOM elements

This is a cool library will help you to add touch gestures to any DOM element. A small, but very high quality library created in JavaScript.


Simple, in the style of a tree, organizer, made with CSS and JavaScript. Very useful application for organizing complex projects.

Flight:Framework for JavaScript

Flight – a simple framework for creating JavaScript elements for application TweetDeck and Twitter.

DOKKER.JS:Professional JavaScript Code Developer

JavaScript library with all the basic elements necessary for the documentation of professional codes.

Quttons:JQuery Plugin for Buttons Flowing Transformation

This jQuery helps to generate keys, which can easily be transformed into other elements.

Date Paginator for Twitter Bootstrap

Easy-to-use layout, made in jQuery for Twitter Bootstrap.

JQuery Calx
Means for calculating to Excel, done in jQuery plugin format. Uses for formula imported from formula.js.




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