20 extremely creative web layouts


Today we aren’t going to go on about those websites which are technically on point and whose graphic design and typography are seamless. No, today, we just want to take another look at those websites which pretty much knocked our socks off, blew our minds, and took our breath away. Those sites you see and immediately think, “How the heck have they done that?” “What an awesome idea!” “Who comes up with this stuff?” “Which mastermind is responsible for this?”

And it’s at that exact moment when you hit the right mouse button to scrutinize the source code, change up the browser, and trawl for any library and framework which this genius may have used… All while trying to keep your professional cool and hide the fact that you’re dying of envy. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Well, hold onto your hats because here come 20 websites that have sent us on that very same roller coaster of emotions.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

  • Lauren Wickware

    Lauren Wickware

  • Melanie F

    Melanie F

  • Huys


  • Raw Prada

    Raw Prada

  • Signes du quotidien

    Signes du quotidien

  • Sztafeta Pokolen

    Sztafeta Pokolen

  • Le Mugs

    Le Mugs

  • Quechua Lookbook

    Quechua Lookbook

  • Preflight Nerves

    Preflight Nerves

  • Guillaume Bouvet

    Guillaume Bouvet

  • Daniel Spatzek

    Daniel Spatzek

  • Habib Fadel

    Habib Fadel

  • Dans Mon Sac

    Dans Mon Sac

  • Andrew McCarthy

    Andrew McCarthy

  • Direnduvar


  • Petar Stojakovic

    Petar Stojakovic

  • Leap Second

    Leap Second

  • History of Icons

    History of Icons

  • The Boat

    The Boat

  • Giampiero Bodino

    Giampiero Bodino

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