10 stunning web design portfolios


01. Cihad Turhan

Web design portfolios - Cihad TurhanTurhan’s portfilio is fun, candid and a delight to use

Cihad Turhan is a creative front-end developer living in Ankara. He graduated in Physics and is now a Master’s degree student in Game Technologies. He loves interactive, experimental technologies, data visualisation and red pandas.

02. Kenji Saito

Web design portfolios - Kenji SaitoSaito’s portfolio is a technical joy

Saito Kenji is a creative developer and designer at tha ltd in Tokyo.

03. Robin Ait-el-alim Noguier

Web design portfolios - Robin Ait-el-alim NoguierThis portfolio demonstrates Noguier’s love of smart UI

Robin Ait-el-alim Noguier is a 21-year-old, Paris-based designer. He’s currently studying at HETIC, a French web school. Robin likes to resolve design problems, create smart user interfaces and imagine useful interactions.

04. Irene Demetri

Web design portfolios - Irene DemetriDemetri’s playful portfolio is also very user-friendly

Irene Demetri is a freelance designer based in Athens. She started out as a visual communication designer before being won over by the world of digital. She creates user-friendly designs for web and mobile.

05. Guillaume Juvenet

Web design portfolios - Guillaume JuvenetJuvenet’s portfolio leaves you in no doubt about his origins

Guillaume Juvenet is a 21-year-old creative developer from Paris. He creates websites that are beautiful, interactive, responsive and friendly.

06. Vito Salvatore

Web design portfolios - Vito SalvatoreSalvatore’s portfolio puts images front and centre and has a clear, minimal contact page

Vito Salvatore is an Italian digital designer and art director. With over 10 years industry experience, Vito has created award winning projects for brands including Land Rover, Nike, British Airways, Valentino and Zegna.

07. Bryan James

Web design portfolios - Bryan JamesJames’ portfolio uses striking yellow in a minimal fashion

Bryan James is an interactive specialist who tries to harmonise premium design, development, animation and sound within playful, innovative ideas to inspire and inform to produce goosebumps smiles and award-winning results.

08. Bethany Heck

Web design portfolios - Bethany HeckThis portfolio has an artisanal feel

Bethany Heck is the creative lead for Microsoft Power BI and the creator of the Eephus League. Her work spans printing techniques to responsive web and mobile app work.

09. Jack Freeman

Web design portfolios - Jack FreemanJack Freeman is Urbanape. No more needs to be said

Jack Freeman is an ideas man who loves exploring new areas of the industry and expanding his skill set so that he can take on any job with a multi-disciplined approach.

10. Erin Nolan

Web design portfolios - Erin NolanNolan’s personal touch helps to connect with clients

Erin is a product designer helping companies better connect with their audience through storytelling and design. Her clients include The New York Times, FreshDirect, Quirky, Twitter, and more.


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